Expédition au Vietnam, principalement à Saigon.

A break before New year!

As we finally had a whole weekend free together, and during the low tourism season (2weeks before Tet), it was a perfect weekend for us to enjoy and rediscover Nha Trang!

Vietnamese night train economy class is better than any airline Business Class (low noise, large bed, no dry air, etc…). Just no food!
let’s enjoy seafood now!!
This time, less mainstream tourism but food, relax and landscape!!
Lương Sơn, fishing village!
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50+ km on an old 1 gear city bicycle? Deal! 🚲

Find the Ferry to cross the river and leave the city hustle…
Wow… it’s even busier in here! I hope I’ll find a small corner to enjoy the river view~
…here we have!
… meanwhile in the boat~
goodbye noise!
hello country side! 😻
highest level of “chill” was definitely here!
where is home?
time to head back home, via a smaller and longer ferry ⛴️
okay… my home is somewhere behind this skyline… still a long way to go!
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