Lesson 0 – Intro


Do say: ‘ngủ ngon’.
Do NOT say ‘ngủ khỏe’!

Do say: ‘tôi’, ‘mính’, ‘anh/em’, …
Do NOT say ‘tao’ – used for extremely close friends, or when shouting with anger. 😬

Do say: ‘sau mười phút’.
Do NOT say ‘sau khi mười phút’ – ‘sau khi + event, …’ is used with an event/action!

Do say: ‘năm ngoái’ – last year
Do NOT say ‘năm trước’ – the previous year 🫣

Do say: ‘chị đã sắp xếp được thời gian’
Do NOT say ‘chị đã được sắp xếp thời gian’


ư: You need to smile with your teeth closed and pronounce the French ‘Euh’.

Xù: Descending ton in Vietnamese is longer than the Chinese one. Practice by bending your head down during the vowel emission.

Main improvement areas

  • My vowel pronunciation is bad.
  • I should not pronounce the ending consonants.
  • My vocabulary is misused:
    • Words used in the wrong context.
    • Overcomplexification (e.g. ‘1991’ instead of just ’91’, no need to use complete subject + verb when the interlocutor is not using it, adding ‘khi’ to ‘sau mười phút’, etc.).
  • French accent is too nasal – I still need to understand this part 🙈 An example word is ‘nga’.

Learning habits to adopt

📝 When I want to express something (at work, at home, etc.) but face some difficulties, I should not it down so I can bring the topic to the class.

⏱️ Minimum 15 minutes of practice every day.
💡 Aim for 30min morning and 30 minutes after lunch.