Bánh Tráng Nướng

Vietnam is famous for its incredible street food! Today, let’s discover how to prepare “Bánh Tráng Nướng”, the rice paper…

Cà Phê

we are in end February 2020, University remained closed after lunar New year… What best that a little puppy to…

Dear lemon tree 🍋

Are you half dead or half alive?

Ride and observe!

This was in a small village near Cau Phu My bridge.

A break before New year!

As we finally had a whole weekend free together, and during the low tourism season (2weeks before Tet), it was…

I came back to India! 🛺

…and it was an incredible surprise! The team their is amazing, fun and diversified! Good job Mister Flo, good job…

On n’est pas bien là ? 🙂

The best coffee shop is and remains home! 🏢

Best way to use airplane time!!!

“Wow, you must be a famous DJ, aren’t you?” “-Nope I’m no famous, neither even a DJ! I’m just having…

Da Nang

After 2 days under rainy wet condition, it’s good to find sun back and to enjoy awesome landscapes!!


Not easy for a dog to live in a crawled city! So welcome for countryside Louis!