nịnh 😚

The three Vietnamese expressions, “nịnh nọt,” “nịnh đầm,” and “nịnh bợ,” all share the common element of “nịnh,” which generally means to flatter or to sweet-talk. However, they are used in different contexts and may carry slightly different nuances:

Nịnh nọt:

This term is often used to describe sweet-talking or flattery that is gentle, pleasing, and ingratiating. It’s associated with soft and charming words intended to make someone feel good. The tone is generally positive and friendly.

Xù nịnh vợ quá điiiii!

Nịnh đầm:

“Nịnh đầm” refers to flattery or sweet talk that is more elaborate and sophisticated. It may involve praising someone excessively or using elaborate language to gain favor. The emphasis here is on the art of flattery, and it might be perceived as insincere or manipulative.

Ở chỗ làm nhiều người rất hay nịnh bợ sếp thay vì làm việc chăm chỉ.

Nịnh bợ:

“Nịnh bợ” is flattery with the specific aim of seeking some form of advantage or assistance. The term “bợ” refers to support or help, so “nịnh bợ” implies flattering someone to gain their support, assistance, or favor. It can have a more instrumental or strategic aspect to it.

Vì không làm việc chăm chỉ nên mới nịnh bợ