“Nhanh” vs. “vội vàng”

“Nhanh” and “vội vàng” both refer to speed or quickness in Vietnamese, but they are used in slightly different ways:

  1. “Nhanh”: This word simply means “fast” or “quick.” It is a general term used to describe something that happens or moves at a high speed. For example, “xe chạy nhanh” means “the car is running fast.”
  2. “Vội vàng”: This phrase also means “fast,” but it carries an additional connotation of haste or urgency. “Vội vàng” is used to describe actions that are done quickly due to a sense of hurry or a need to accomplish something urgently. For instance, if someone is rushing to catch a train, you could say they are “vội vàng đi bắt tàu” (hurriedly going to catch the train).

So, while both terms indicate speed, “vội vàng” specifically emphasizes the notion of doing something quickly because of a pressing need or urgency, whereas “nhanh” simply means fast without implying urgency.