Wardley Maps – Simon Wardley

Thanks to Younès, I have discovered a few years ago the concept of “Wardley Maps”.

I’m far from mastering this and I still have a lot of readings to be done about it!

Though, I believe any one working with Software or Product (or both!) should give it a try! And who best than Simon Wardley himself to convince you?
Take 40 min of your time for this conference: It’s as fun as a one man show, yet as instructive as a whole book!

Once you’re done with the conf, you might be hungry for more of that! And this part is written as a book here: On being lost. Chapter 1 | by swardley | wardleymaps | Medium

Once you have have seen the conference (at least), you can click on “read more bellow” to be spoiled on my own take away (memos) from Wardley Maps.

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