Please note that this project is currently in PAUSE. No new developments are expected for the moment (because no time for that right now). Thanks for your comprehension. For developers, you can find the source code in here.

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Feel the power of midi controllers combined to Wifi capacities !

Developed for Windows Phone 7 Mango.

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Different Midi controllers

  • A Simple Piano.
  • A 8 Faders Page
  • A DrumPad Page
  • An executor Page

Compatible with every Midi compatible software !

  • Most sequencing software (Ableton Live, FL Studio, …)
  • Most DJing software (Virtual DJ, ClubDJPro, NI Traktor, …)
  • Most DMX Lighting software (Freestyler, DMXControl, OnPC…)
  • And every other software that can interact with midi controllers!

Project :

Meedy Wifi is a new product that just emerges on the MarketPlace. Some new features will come as soon as possible !

  • Multi-touch experience
  • Support of multilanguage
  • Customizable controllers
  • X-Y Pad

18 Comments Add Yours

  1. Kane

    Where do I download the Meedy WIFI server from?

  2. Xavier

    Hi =)
    You can go under the download page (Project > Meedy Wifi > Download) here:

    I’m sorry, I’ve just been reformatting my website, so I didn’t have time to put a sub menu for this project.

    Hope you’ll have fun with the app! 😉

  3. Haze

    There’s a server for Mac OSx ?

    • Xavier

      Hi Haze,
      I’m sorry but the server only runs under Windows OS for the moment.

  4. titan

    How do you connect it on fl studio ,I want to use it.

    • Xavier

      The same way to connect every other midi capable software : passing trough LoopBe1. If you don’t know how to manage Midi connections on FL Studio, google should be able to handle this subject better than me 😉
      But anyway, just keep this in mind : Meedy is connected to a LoopBe1 midi input and LoopBe1 will redirect the midi signal to a midi output that you will be able to map on FL Studio.

  5. Dmitry

    Xavier, great app! Thanks for it! Hope U will develop it.
    I didn’t get how to send midi with XY pad. Plz, could u give me a hint.

    • Xavier

      Hi =)
      For now the Pad is just in Beta, you can use a dynamic midi control assignement to get the signal but there is no way to custom the control number yet.
      Next updates may take time to come because I have lots of other projects prior this one… =/ Hope you don’t mind… =)

  6. Sam

    Great app Xavier. I love it.
    However I can’t get all the features to work properly. I’m linking it to reaper via LoopBe from my lumia 800.
    I can’t get anything on the faders page, Executors page or touch pad to send midi signals to reaper.
    I can get the Simple Keyboard, MT Faders and Drum Pad all to work so I don’t know why the former ones aren’t working.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks so much for this brilliant app.

    • Xavier

      Hey =) I’m glad you enjoy the app’ 😉
      For the bug you encounter, it’s quite strange… Maybe you can try to change the midi assignment..? Until april 2014 I won’t be able to improve the application but probably after I’ll try to perform more tests on it 😉

  7. alex

    hey, i try to use this app with serato scratch live, how can i map the drum pads & faders?
    i just connected the server app & the wp app, tryed to map the pads & faders like a standart midi controller, but it doesnt work
    plz help

  8. Chase

    Hello I am having a rather strange problem getting this to work.. I use a VPN called Hamachi on my PC that has its own unique IP address. Whenever I start your windows server it is defaulting me to the Hamachi IP address. I cant connect my Mobile device to the VPN network so this is useless for me. I have not been able to have your program pick up the LAN IP address yet. Any help here? I have tried disabling the VPN and moving the LAN connection priority to the top.

    • Xavier

      Hi Chase,
      The Server app use the “default connection adapter” of your computer. You will maybe need to set your local connection adapter as the default one to use this application. Or just to deactivate your VPN. Please note that this application is not a professional one and advanced configuration is not possible.
      Hope it will works for you 😉

  9. Riido

    Im trying to run this on windows phone 8.1 (Lumia 635) to send midi to Reaper using LoopBE and your server

    It is not working, any advice?

    • Xavier

      Hello, Sorry but the application is not supported anymore. Try to get the advises in the Documentation and the previous comments 😉
      Good luck! 🙂

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